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Welcome to the new era of teaching First Aid

Blue Sky Learning has partnered with esteemed local First Aid Trainers under the guidance of our Director to pioneer a new approach to first aid training. In response to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, traditional methods of training have undergone significant transformation. With a focus on minimising face-to-face interactions and physical contact with equipment, the landscape of first aid instruction has evolved, presenting new hurdles for both trainers and learners alike.
Our collaboration has resulted in a meticulously crafted curriculum that not only meets but exceeds industry standards. Through rigorous quality assurance measures, we ensure that our content equips learners with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in reduced-time, face-to-face training sessions.
At Blue Sky Learning, we are committed to redefining the boundaries of first aid education, offering a dynamic and adaptive learning experience that prepares individuals for any situation.
Blue Sky Learning has been accredited by FAIB since 2021, and over the past year, we have dedicated ourselves to refining and implementing our innovative approach to first aid training. Through extensive trials and practical application in our own training programs, we have continuously refined and adapted our methodology to meet evolving needs. This includes integrating additional lessons based on emerging health trends and current events, such as the recent increase in measles cases, ensuring our training remains relevant and comprehensive.
Now, with confidence in our platform’s effectiveness, we are excited to extend this opportunity to fellow trainers. We believe that our approach has the potential to revolutionise the way first aid is taught and learned, offering a comprehensive solution tailored to the challenges of modern training environments.

Join us as we embark on this journey to reshape the landscape of first aid education together. Sharing this platform with others not only enhances learner engagement and ensures deep knowledge retention but also offers a highly cost-effective solution.

Reduced face-to-face training time translates to more efficient sessions for trainers.

Decreased expenses for businesses and staff attending shorter face-to-face training days.


Minimal impact on course charges, allowing trainers to be duly recognised for their efforts while spending less time in the classroom.

By embracing this innovative approach to first aid training, trainers can maximise their impact while minimising costs, benefiting both learners and organisations alike.

How does it work?

You get you own organisation log in set up
You pay for the amount of licenses/seats you need per course. Discounts available for bulk purchases. Prices start from as little as £5.00
You create your teams, and invite learners to the e-Learning platform
You access all your learners progress and can send messages to learners
All from your own organisation page. YOU ARE IN CONTROL

Here is a range of our e-Learning course which can be available to you

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