About Us

The aim of blue sky learning is to offer exceptional educational and training sessions to the public and education sector. We create an immersive learning environment for all that attend our sessions, including those offered through Forest Frontiers, to deliver a lasting learning experience.


Outdoor play has been a passion of Amanda Twigley, Forest Frontiers Founder and Director; and whilst she was as Deputy Manager, she underwent Forest School Leader Level 3. This was a pivotal point for her and her vision of children’s future including the impact the connection with nature can have on the well-being of many children and families.

She created and embedded Forest School practices across many early years setting providing an abundance of support whether this be through practice led learning, or environment development.

As the director progressed in her career she found she worked closely with many staff across her years and passed on her passion to them so that they can continue her passion to give children the best opportunities outdoors. The Director has always had the drive and passion to have a positive impact on as may children’s lives as possible, she strongly believes in the butterfly effect that the more practitioner and families lives she touches with passion and inspire them to give children more opportunities she can affect more and more children.

Safety and Security: We all hold DBS certificates

Amanda’s Story

After a few years working as Room Leader in a deprived setting and supporting a wide range of ‘in need of support’ families, she went on to complete her Foundation Degree and BA Honours Degree in Childhood Studies. She completed her studies alongside working full time. Once I achieved my BA Honours she was enthusiastic for more development opportunities and there was no stopping her! She went on to complete my Early Years Professional Studies with Edge Hill University. Later on in her career she developed her knowledge and experience further by completing her trainer qualifications and is now fully qualified to deliver all First Aid courses including Outdoor First Aid, Basic Safeguarding and many more CPD recognised courses.

Outdoor play has been a passion of hers and whilst working as Deputy Manager, she underwent Forest School Leader Level 3. This was a pivotal point for herself and vision; of the impact and connection with nature can have on the well-being of many children and their future.

Who knew outdoors could be so much fun! She spent 2 weeks in the woods in the Lake District learning many Forest School Skills and thoroughly enjoyed herself.

Since then I have incorporated Forest School in every job I have been in, embedded Forest School and Nature Days programmes for many individual settings and the chain I have also worked for. Within this I have also supported fellow Forest School Leaders in developing their forest school approach and delivered many continuous professional development training for many staff.


Our Aims

Children are supported in their learning through an holistic approach which can encourage the exploration of the outdoor environment and an appreciation for nature

Helping Your Child Explore, Grow, & Learn

Forest Frontiers is not an actual place but a specific ethos.  It is a way of working with people in an outdoor natural space for an extended period of time and a philosophy built around a programme of engaging activities.


What Our Families are Saying

We would definitely recommend Forest Frontiers

 We would definitely recommend Forest Frontiers to anyone who wants to get their children into nature or who wants to try something different

Everything has been so well organised, there was a lovely atmosphere and I think that everybody got something out of spending some time in nature and seeing how happy the children were.

Thank you for making todays session so special, we will be back soon 

Thank you Amanda

We had such a fab morning! Really well organised, fun and friendly. Can’t wait for the next session. Would deffo recommend. Thank you Amanda xx

We had a great morning!

We had a great morning. Complete range of ages and I think every child got something out of it. Really well organised and was great to see the children interacting together. Looking forward to seeing future sessions planned.