Amanda Twigley

Director & Founder

Diversity of Experiences

I have created and embedded Training and Forest School practices across many early years and educational settings providing an abundance of support whether this be through practice led learning, or environment development.

Throughout my career I have worked closely with many individuals across the years and passed on my passion to them so that they can continue the ripple effect of passion for the outdoors and this being given to children.

I have always had the drive and passion to have a positive impact on as many children’s lives as possible, I strongly believe in the butterfly effect that the more individuals and families lives we touch with our passion for outdoors we can inspire them to give children more opportunities she can affect more and more children.


Forest School Leader

Diversity of Experiences

After 13 years as a high school science teacher and already an Explorer Scout Leader, I decided to follow my passion for the outdoors and retrained as a Forest School Leader in 2014.

This has seen me working with a wide range of schools, secondary and primary in schools specialising in additional needs and mainstream.

Recently I have gained a wide range of skills to assist in the running of therapeutic forest school sessions, working with adults with mental health issues and sessions supporting families with children with a wide variety of needs.

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