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No two children are alike and education comes in lots of shapes and sizes. We like to be flexible and fit in with you and this enables us to meet the needs and interests of children of different ages and stages. Our experienced staff can plan activities to fit in with a theme or a subject, offering elements of structure to our sessions. However, there are always lots of opportunities for free play, physical activity, rest and relaxation in nature and for all sorts of fun and games! This freedom makes developing friendship possible and supportive connections to be made with other families who have also chosen this pathway. Well-being is a top priority, and we hope everyone will leave our sessions with a smile.

Our Sessions

Each session is designed to support every child’s individual needs whilst building confidence and a love for nature. Our sessions will help you to extend and develop your setting and child’s curriculum in a new and exciting learning environment, however this isn’t always our main focus and sometimes we just need time and space to be in the woods!

That often is where the magic happens and we work around the needs and current interests of the group. Both adults and children are encouraged to work together to complete any chosen activities and develop cooperation, resilience and problem-solving skills. Our focus is often on personal and social and emotional development but also on having FUN and learning along the way!

Are you interested in a family forest school or holiday forest camp for your children? Head over to Forest Frontiers for some fantastic educational sessions for all the family.

Session Topics

We can offer sessions based on a single curriculum area from the list below or we can combine two areas using a particular topic:




Art & Design


Design & Technology




Physical Education

What some types of experiences may look like...

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