June 2020 When the world feels upside down…

June 2020 When the world feels upside down…

This week, after 3 months of no sessions and the world feeling a little upside down we got back into our sessions in the woods. The last 3 months have been very strange, to say the least, and although I have tried to adapt our services, it just doesn’t give the same...

How it all began…

How it all began…

Summer 2019 No I had always said.... no it's not the right time! What if it didn't work out? But this summer I said YES!   For years I have been toying with starting my own dream ... Owning my very own Forest School company. Outdoors has always been a drive in my...

Forest School Training Blog 2014

The day after the week before! First Reflections! 24th May 2014 Day after all Forest School training & Assessments Well well well, where do I start! I have had the most amazing two weeks in the last 6months! my first training week, and now my assessment week. This...

Wow what a crazy month it has been!

I have felt uncertain, unsecure, wary, challenged, determined …. this whole situation is quite surreal!

As the situation increases I have found us in a situation that no face to face sessions are being held.

One of my long term goals was to move towards training being online…

I have been apart of some inspirational business groups and courses and it has really helped me to try and remain calm and focused.

There are 3 things as a business to help us achieve our goals!

And these 3 goals have helped hopefully help you!

Goal 1

What do my clients need?

Well as I have a wide clientelle base for different services it was a difficult one. But not one I couldn’t do!

You need calm

You need support

You ideas

You need distraction

You need well being

And with all the above it kind of covers all clientele, but obviously for anyone who have attended forest frontiers. You needed sessions now more than ever… the effects of the changing world it having a profound impact on our well being, the positive IMPACT nature has on us helps to really bring balance and calm.

We have now created a number of activity packs and online groups to support our parents! 

Blue Sky Clientelle

You need training and opportunity to learn and grow. Now is the time where you may have more time on your hands to learn new skills! You also need well being support for you and your family in this time of need. 5 NHs Ways to wellbeing is amazing ay clarity it help yo support your own mental well being, one is keep learning…

With all of this I have been working on our website and we are working on creating an learning platform built into our site! 

Our first course went live last week and we are already developing the next one! 

Let us know what skills and new knowledge you would like to learn about in the comments below. 

We Are Going Virtual