When the world seems upside down...

Look at things from a different perspective.

This week, after 3 months of no sessions and the world feeling a little upside down we got back into our sessions in the woods.

The last 3 months have been very strange, to say the least, and although I have tried to adapt our services, it just doesn’t give the same impact as being in the woods, face to face.


In the run-up I felt excited, anxious, worried, grateful, and confused all at the same time.

Hey it must be that time again on the coronacoaster! The feelings many of us have experienced. 


Reading guidance after guidance, writing new policies, risk assessments, and notices.

Purchasing new safety precautions to ensure we are providing the safest environment for our families. 

Making sure we support families in the best way we can in this pandemic. 


Thursday was our first session back at Smithils Bolton. We had four sessions all one hour long and catered for no more than 5 people at a time that is inclusive of parent and child. 

They were all fully booked, many new faces but the joy I got from seeing smiling families in the woods was incredible. Everyone adhered to the new guidelines and changes.


I am amazed at just how resilient children can be. They fitted into the sessions so quickly, and easily eager to get to grips with their tasks or visions for the next hour. 

 At our session we had:




We sung songs around the fire pit.



Exploring the woodland independently and with curiosity.



 Engraving their letter in the ground with sticks


 Creating their own nature art piece

Den makers

Critically thinking, building out of what was in the woods

Construction workers


Vacuuming the ground with their branch vacuum, blowing the leaves out of the way with their branch leaf blower, finding the right branches, and making the right sturdy structure.




Investigating the effects of wind

Tree climbers

Mastering the art of hanging in trees

We may think we don’t learn anything in the woods, but here we give children the opportunity to explore in a creative way, gaining confidence to try things differently, we use our imagination and push it further bring them into reality with whatever is around us.


We offer holistic opportunities where they can feel spiritually connected, physically connected, intellectually connected, creatively connected, emotionally connected, and socially connected. 



One day our children will make decisions in their life about what they want to be, set themselves goals, push themselves the be the best they want to be. How can they make a decision like that if they haven’t had the opportunity to explore roles in varied contexts? 



Today one major thing struck me, we are in an upside-down world at the moment filled with uncertainty, devastation, desperation, coronacoaster emotional. We are living through a pandemic! The last time this happened was 1918 with the Spanish flu, the pictures resonate how similar things have been. We are experiencing riots on large scales. 

Our children will outlive this, but will they remember? 

 Will they remember the sadness, the anger, the anguish or will they remember the world was upside down but I got so much out of it! 

 It taught me to:



Be creative

Be resourceful

Be proud

Be strong

Be healthy

Be independent

Be confident

Cherish the good times


Be resilient and there for one another when the going gets tough...

Our children have been resilient! 

I am amazed at how resilient they are!

They are our future! 


When the world went upside down, sometimes we just need to flip ourselves and hang there upside down to see the view from a different perspective. 

That way we can learn to adapt, to change, to evolve, to make sense, to see the world from a different perspective.

Seeing this moment in a child made me realise how, so many of our children were able to do this so easily “see the world from a different perspective” 



We as adults may have taken a little longer but, I have seen so many business owners flip the switch and hang there in the upside-down world and change the course of the business to a different horizon an upside-down one. 


So when we live in an upside world, flip the switch... and see things from a different perspective

You will be surprised at the magic in the view!