The day after the week before!

First Reflections!

24th May 2014

Day after all Forest School training & Assessments

Well well well, where do I start!
I have had the most amazing two weeks in the last 6months! my first training week, and now my assessment week.
This training course has really opened my eyes (and all other senses of course) to a whole new world.
I now see the world and nature in a whole different perspective!
From the excitement of recognising plants and trees, to new exciting games, to being a child again to making some amazing fires.
How do we change so much in so little time, and how did I not discover this earlier????
This Blog is going to reflect and review my journey from all the training I have done!
Watch out and keep an eye out on all the new exciting journeys I take and all the new things I learn, as we all know everyday is a school day no matter how old we are, we are never too old to learn new tricks!

2nd June 2014 – 1 Week after assessment for Forest School Level 3

Well … what an eventful and great week I have had!!!

I started with a mission to find some logs to make my forest school benches!

Instead I got a free identification lesson on trees from a tree surgeon…. And I am now having benches made for free!


Did you know that ash is the only tree that grows black buds!

Did you know that the bark of a willow tree has a diamond pattern to it.

Not only did this tree surgeon so kindly teach me he gave me an ash bud especially for my reflective log book!!!

On my other developments! As my first official forest school draws nearer my need for practicing setting a fire and keeping it sustained is getting scary!

So this weekend I thought just need to practice and “wam bam there your mam!” First go!

Waffle , then kindling then cotton at the bottom…once lit feed the fire tinder (small wispy twigs)

It worked!

Now to practice this Forest School style and safely!!!

11th June First Official Forest School

Well today was the day I did it!

I managed to complete my first safe forest school fire!

We had purchased a movable fire pit and I started to create my waffle tower. The children helped by collecting sticks and were amazed at how quickly and efficiently I lit the fire!

I last 2.5 hours and I managed to cooled sausages, toast marshmallows and popcorn for 50 people!!!!!